Open call for proposals – Youth LEAD Catalytic Fund 2017

Open call for proposals – Youth LEAD Catalytic Fund 2017

Youth LEAD is a regional network of and for young key populations most affected by HIV. By emphasizing leadership, education, advocacy, and personal and community development, Youth LEAD strives to accelerate and advance HIV prevention, promote equal sexual and reproductive health rights, and to advocate for positive change in access to comprehensive health and social services. Youth LEAD’s members are drawn from young cohorts of men who have sex with men, transgender people, sex workers, and people who inject drugs, as well as young people living with HIV and young women. Youth LEAD aims to cultivate leadership among key affected populations to improve youth involvement in community, national and regional policy and programming processes.

The Youth LEAD Catalytic Fund supports youth-led and youth serving organisation that leverage their works for Young Key Populations by providing direct funding to innovative projects in the area of organisation development, magnify the advocacy movements, create and foster leadership, delivery of HIV services to Young Key Populations and evidence generation related to Young Key Populations.

This fund calls for action made by community based organisation or civil society organisations in Asia Pacific countries.

The minimum amount of the request is 5.000 USD while maximum amount is 15.000 USD for 10 months starting March to December 31st. The budget can have maximum 30% for core fund and human resource within core fund cannot exceed more than 10% of the total budget.

*The categories of the core and program cost are clearly outlined in the budget template.


Core areas of the grant

Objective 1- Improve global and regional network capacity. The capacity of networks of young key populations and their membership is improved, such that networks enable well‐capacitated, representative and accountable community members to influence the delivery of effective responses to HIV.

Objective 2- Enhance HIV response implementation. Young Key Populations influence HIV responses for greater relevance, equity, accessibility and delivery across the full spectrum of prevention, treatment, care and support services.

Objective 3- Support human rights advocacy. Fulfillment of basic human rights that support an equitable, effective HIV response among young key populations.

Objective 4- Increase resource accountability for the HIV response. Local level responses to HIV have sufficient, strategically targeted investments to deliver results for young key populations.

Eligibility criteria

  • The organisation with an eligible focal points of the Youth LEAD can ONLY apply for the call
  • The organizations must be led by young key populations and young people (aged 18-27) working for young key populations. YKP serving organizations are also eligible but the project must be managed by the young people and the case must be demonstrated.
  • The organizations both registered and un-registered can apply. However, the unregistered organization must present the working relation with the fiscal agent.
  • *The previous grantees of Youth LEAD have to follow the procedure to continue the  the grant.
 *YKP-led refers to led by young people who use drugs, young people who sell sex, young gay men who have sex with other men, transgender populations, and living with HIV from 18-27 years old.

How to apply

 Any eligible organizations/networks/groups can submit the application by 23 February 2017 5 pm Bangkok time. The review of the application will require 1-2 weeks; only shortlisted applications will be invited for the second phase of evaluation. The application should be submitted to via email with subject “Youth LEAD Catalytic Fund <country name>”


The Information Guideline can be downloaded here

The Concept Note template can be downloaded here

The Budget template can be downloaded here



Youth LEAD is the Asia Pacific Regional Network of Adolescent and Young Key Populations