Youth LEAD and The 9th APSRSHR

Youth LEAD and The 9th APSRSHR

This year, Youth LEAD is taking a part as the International Steering Committee member of 9TH Asia Pacific Conference of Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights (9TH APCRSHR). Youth LEAD works with Youth Steering Committee on youth programme’s design, implementation and onward following up activities. As one of three youth members at International Steering Committee, Youth LEAD engage on pushing youth participation and voice out especially marginalized young people i.e. young key populations during the entire APCRSHR programming.

From April 4-5, 2017, the 3rd International Steering Committee meeting was held at Ha Lon Bay, Vietnam.  Our Board Chair Ms. ZHANG Nanjie attended the meeting which young people i.e young key populations’ issues and challenges under sexual and reproductive health and rights was highlighted. The meaningful participation and strategic information from most vulnerable group are the common consensus among all steering committee members. Committee strategizes to motivate more adolescents and young age people (from 15-24) to join the event and campaign. Young people under 24 years old living in the community most marginalized and disable environment will be offered change for youth scholarship grant.

Following up, Youth LEAD invites all members and focal points across the region to submit abstract (s) and apply for youth scholarship of 9TH APCRSHR (abstract submission deadline: April 15, 2017, youth scholarship application deadline: April 30, 2017)



reported by : ZHANG Nanjie

Youth LEAD is the Asia Pacific Regional Network of Adolescent and Young Key Populations