Hi ! I’m Ari Dewiyanti from Fokus Muda, one of the facilitators of the TeenGen.

Im happy to share about the Teengen rollout in Indonesia, which was attended by adolescents from each sub group of key population, either sex workers, men who have sex with men, transwomen, drugs user and people living with HIV. This was my first time facilitating a leadership training for young key population aged below 18 years old using TeenGen module. I was nervous initially because i never used this module for training before. But I’m so thanks full for the assistance from the Youth LEAD Secretariat to help me and my team in understanding the module. read more

My name is JL Dionisio from Aklan, one of the facilitators and I would like to share my experience as a facilitator of TeenGen.

I, along with my co-facilitators who were NewGen graduates like me, were caught off-guard because in NewGen Leadership Training Course, participants have always been 19 years old and above while in TeenGen, participants were always 19 years old and below or minors. These groups offer different energy and attention span. There were times when we were challenged and our patience tested. We had to apologize to the participants quite a number of times for raising our voice just to get their attention to listen to us as part of our house rules – one mouth rule.  read more