Post-2015 UN Development Goals

Youth LEAD’s engagement in the post-2015 discussions began in May 2014 during the World Conference on Youth in Sri Lanka that jumpstarted the discussion on how young people can be mainstreamed in the post-2015 development agenda.

In October 2014, Youth LEAD, through UNAIDS RST support, organized Act!2015 Asia, an advocacy meeting of youth organizations in Asia to identify top HIV and SRH regional priorities and plan strategies on how to effectively lobby these priorities and influence the post-2015 development agenda and the succeeding high level meeting on.

By 2015, Youth LEAD’s engagement on the post-2015 discussions were strengthened through its participation as member of the Asia Pacific CSO Engagement Mechanism (AP RCEM) and as part of the NGO Delegation to the UNAIDS PCB and has been actively lobbying on putting greater funding to youth-led civil society organizations and more attention to YKP issues, including adolescents from key populations.

International AIDS Conference

Youth LEAD has been actively involved in a number of sessions and activities in partnership with UN agencies at the 20th International AIDS Conference in 2012 in Washington, DC, USA and at the 21st International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia in 2014. In 2014, specifically, Youth LEAD was lauded as a good practice in engaging YKPs in the global AIDS response.

International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific

Youth LEAD has actively supported and participated ICAAPIX since 2009 in Bali, Indonesia, where the idea of having a youth-led network that works on HIV and AIDS has originally spurred. In 2011, Youth LEAD was given the opportunity to speak at the opening plenary of ICAAP10 in Busan, South Korea. South Korea was also a special platform because it was in ICAAP10 when the NewGeneration Leadership Program was officially launched together with UN partners. In 2013, Youth LEAD had the opportunity to do the opening presentation and to speak in several opening plenaries, among other activities in sessions throughout the conference.

High Level Meetings and other events

Youth LEAD, in partnership with UN agencies, has been leading a number of youth side events and has been actively participating High Level Meetings on HIV and AIDS in Asia and the Pacific since 2011. Some of these engagements include the following:

  1. Youth Side Event at the Asia Pacific High Level Intergovernmental Meeting on Assessment of Progress on the Commitment in the Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS and the Milennium Development Goals (6-8 February 2012), hosted by UNAIDS and UNESCO
  2. Youth Side Event at the 2013 Asia Pacific Population Conference (26-30 September 2013), organized by UNESCO in partnership with UNFPA, UNDP, UNAIDS, and Youth LEAD.
  3. At the Asia Pacific Intergovernmental Meeting on HIV and AIDS (28-30 January 2015)
    1. Youth Side Event hosted by UNESCO in partnership with UNFPA and UNESCAP
    2. Youth Caucus, co-funded by UNAIDS, UNFPA, and UNESCO

Influencing the Global Fund

The Global Fund to Fight Against AIDS, TB and Malaria (GFATM) has not been able to deliver a fair allocation of resources to young people, more specifically young key population in its history. This is most easily seen through very low number of YKP in the CCM and the small proportion of SR and SSRs led by young people.

The New Funding Model (NFM) was created to fix the gaps in the application and engagement process, hoping to ensure the voices of YKP were included through country dialogue processes. However, YKP have such a limited knowledge of the Global Fund, and are less interested in these funding processes as they are complicated. Most importantly, YKP often feel marginalized in the processes and do not feel like they have the capacity to influence the country dialogues in effective ways.

In response, Youth LEAD organized a three days workshop to bolster the capacity of selected YKP leaders on the Global Fund and NFM. 7 YKP leaders were selected from the countries in Asia and the Pacific. The tangible action plans are formulated for these countries, as the pilot project was set to influence NFM in 2014.

Thus, Youth LEAD’s Making Money Work for Young People in HIV Response was born. It acts as an advocacy initiative developed to influence the Global Fund into allocating resources for young people.

Youth LEAD has advocated globally for this initiative through the PACT Resource Group. Youth LEAD contributed to developing the Global Fund Youth Guide, a guide written for young people to understand Global Fund. This led to the development of the facilitator toolkit, used to implement the youth guide.

Point 7 Advisors

Point 7 is one of the donor board constituencies in the Global Fund and constitutes Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherland, and Sweden. Point 7 has been supporting youth advisors in their constituency and from 2014 onwards, they have decided to recruit the youth advisors from global south.

Youth LEAD has been managing the Point 7 Youth Advisors to Global Fund Board supported by Norad. Youth advisors include Lumumba M Musah (Uganda), Chanthorn Phorng (Cambodia) and Ivens Reis Reyner (Brazil). These advisors provide recommendations to the board of the Global Fund from youth perspectives.