IATT YKP & IATT Gender Equality and HIV

Youth LEAD is among the most active civil society members of the Interagency Task Team on Young Key Populations (IATTYKP). Youth LEAD has been a member since 2012.

Youth LEAD has been an active member of the Interagency Task Team on Gender Equality and HIV for advancing the health and human rights of Key Affected Women and Girls (KAWG) since 2015.


The PACT for Social Transformation is a collaboration framework agreed to by 25 youth-led and youth serving organizations within the AIDS movement. The meeting creates a space for participating organizations to set the strategic direction for the youth within the global AIDS movement. Youth LEAD has been a member of the PACT since its inception in August 2013 in Tunisia, sitting as the Resource Lead in the coalition.

Youth LEAD was one of the co-leaders for two thematic groups at The PACT: Resources for Young People and Legal Barriers in 2014. The PACT was an influential stakeholder in 2014 for the creation of “Making Money Work For Young People in HIV Response”, an initiative created for the Global Fund.


Youth LEAD is one of the two Asia Pacific delegates to the NGO Delegation of the UNAIDS PCB. Currently represented by Jeffry P. Acaba, Education and Research Lead, Youth LEAD will serve as delegate from 2015 to 2016.

As a representative of Youth LEAD, Jeff was engaged in 3 Working Groups within the NGO Delegation, and also led the NGO Report Working Group. This working group is tasked to oversee the development and publication of the NGO Report, presented once a year to the PCB.


Youth LEAD became a member of the AP RCEM 2015 during the CSO Forum on the Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development (APFSD). Youth LEAD is currently part of the children and youth constituency.