The NewGen Asia Leadership short-course (NewGen) uses an interactive approach aimed at capacity building for young key populations (YKP) to strengthen and raise their voices, advocate for themselves and their communities, and meaningfully engage as leaders and agents of change in the HIV response.

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The integration of HIV and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) is still a hurdle in many countries in Asia and the Pacific, denying or depriving YKP from a variety of services. This is due to a lack of knowledge on SRHR among YKP, stigma and discrimination from SRHR service providers, inadequate knowledge on HIV and sexual orientation among SRHR service providers, and lack of proper policy on HIV-SRHR integration. Very few initiatives have been designed to meet the SRHR needs of YKP in particular. To address this problem, Youth LEAD capacitates YKP and YPLHIV on SRHR issues.

Youth LEAD advocates for the SRHR needs of YKP in the Asia Pacific region. Components of SRHR is integrated within the NewGen Leadership training manual and has piloted HIV–SRHR projects in countries in the region.

Youth LEAD partners with Y-PEER (the international network on young people and SRHR) to expedite the process of SRHR and HIV integration at the country and regional levels. Some examples include studies on SRHR needs of YKP and skill building sessions at the International and Regional AIDS Conferences.

Global Fund Training

Making Money Work for Young People in HIV Response is an advocacy initiative developed to influence the Global Fund into allocating resources for young people. The Global Fund is the largest multi-lateral donor in the world.

Youth LEAD advocated globally for this initiative through the PACT Resource Group. Youth LEAD contributed through the development of the Global Fund Youth Guide, a guide written for young people to understand Global Fund. This led to the development of the facilitator toolkit, used to implement the youth guide.

The pilot workshop was done in Honduras, Nepal, and Zimbabwe, and received support from Norad, the Norwegian Agency of Development Cooperation. This was done to capacitate and empower young people to understand the Global Fund. The workshop will be carried out in early 2015.