NewGen has initiated a successful wave of movements and organizations at the country level, and avenues for YKP to express themselves began to emerge.

The first Indonesian YKP network, Fokus Muda, has been established and developed out of the NewGen process and efforts. The network held its first national consultation, has collaborated with UNICEF for YKP friendly projects, has been recognized by the National Strategic Plan and has become an important actor in contributing to the New Funding Model/Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria process in Indonesia.

The NewGen manual was adopted by the Indonesia National AIDS Council as the national leadership manual for YKP, followed by various roll outs for all KP. The individual rollouts for young people who inject drugs, sex workers, MSM and TG took place in 2013.

NewGen triggered the initiation of Myanmar Youth Star Network, the only YKP organization in the country, which has gone on to mobilize large funds from donors, garner government sponsorship and support youth-led initiatives.

The Philippines has produced a number of regional YKP leaders and has strengthened the YKP movement in the country by increasing the number YKPs involved as the national focal points of Youth LEAD.

“Before coming here, I had very little information and skill; but undergoing the course, I feel empowered and have a vision now to bring together young KAPs [key affected populations] in my hometown and help them learn as I did. I feel the responsibility to inform my community”

– A participant from NewGen Indonesia