Course Description

New Gen five-day covers the following sessions:

Course Description

5 days in the life of NewGen

Day One

Day one includes activities to build knowledge about population groups that are most vulnerable to HIV in countries experiencing a concentrated epidemic, with an emphasis on use of respectful terminology and user-friendly disaggregated data as a tool to alert decision makers to the importance of targeted programming.

Day Two

Day two focuses on the personal qualities of a leader, emphasizing the various character strengths that people can cultivate to build themselves as leaders. Participants learn about leadership theories and styles of leadership, addressing the concept that leadership should be accordingly adapted in response to different circumstances. All learning is interactive and various theories mentioned are translated into role-play, group work, acting, etc.

Day Three

Day three focuses on advocacy. It begins with a series of participatory activities to help participants build and articulate their vision for change, and to identify strategies to help achieve this change. They practice articulating their vision or knowledge for different audiences, and work on different ways to use data to solidify their advocacy efforts.

Day Four

Day Four focuses on building the skills and confidence needed to make formal speeches, articulating issues affecting participants, their peers and communities, young people from key populations in general. Participants work to build, rehearse and deliver a formal speech, which includes relevant data and specific requests for change. They listen to each other’s’ speeches and provide critical appraisal, coaching and support.

Day Five

Day five focuses on appropriate conduct as a leader in formal and informal settings. Participants learn about meeting etiquette and practice running focus group consultations in order to better develop skills of inclusion and to foster the notion that consultation and representation is an important element of leadership. The course completes with a focus on strategic planning and on developing action plans within specific change projects.