Call for New Youth LEAD Country Focal Points 2017

Call for New Youth LEAD Country Focal Points 2017

Youth LEAD is currently looking for new members in the Asia Pacific Region.

We are currently seeking expression of interest from YKP activists or Young activists who are working closely with Young Key Populations and including those in adolescent age. Interested applicant should be between the ages of 15 and 27, has experience in working on HIV policy and/or programs, and strong linkages with existing organizations or networks focusing on YKP and/or people living with HIV. We welcome applications from a broad range of interests and we principally value diversity. Candidates openly living with HIV are encouraged to apply.


Roles and Responsibilities of Country Focal Points:

  • Country Focal Points are based in the countries where they belong.
  • Their main role will be to liaise and bridge the community to the rest of YKP organizations and networks in the Asia Pacific region through Youth LEAD members, Youth LEAD Focal Point Country Coordinators, Youth LEAD Board, and Secretariat.
  • Country Focal points identify issues and recognize ongoing efforts with the help of their communities or the communities they serve and provide this information with other Youth LEAD members.
  • Country Focal Points are assisted in this process by Youth LEAD’s strategic partners and network members, and may be able to use these facilities to address the issues and/or strengthen ongoing efforts back to the communities.
  • For detail please download Focal Point guidelines


Please prepare these following documents before you submit your application :

  • A CV or resume (please explain your date of birth and which young key population group that you are working with)
  • A letter of expression, no more than 500 words telling us your reasons :
    • (a) in joining YouthLEAD.
    • (b) on how becoming a country focal point can help you in your work with the communities that you are part of or that you serve.
    • (c) and what your membership can contribute to Youth LEAD
  • a reference letter from your organisation.
  • and 2 email contact references from other partner organisations that you are working with.


Applications must be received before 5th March 2017. Please send electronic copies of your application to

*Please be noted that these positions in Youth LEAD are on voluntary basis.


Youth LEAD is the Asia Pacific Regional Network of Adolescent and Young Key Populations